Introduction of Engineering College

There are eight departments and one graduate school in the college: Chemical and Material Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Electronic Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Mold and Die Engineering Department, Industrial Engineering and Management Department, Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering Department, and Graduate School of Photonic and Communication. Every department provides four-year undergraduate program and two-year post-junior college programs. Belcher degree is offered for both programs. All departments in the College of Engineering also offer master and Ph.D. programs. For details, please visit the department website. All the courses designed in the college are strongly related to the industry.

Most of the departments have their own individual buildings except for the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and the Graduate School of Photonics and Communications. The College has six research centers, Energy Technology Research Center, Examination Center of Chemical Materials (ECCM), Environment & Disaster Protection Technology Research Center (EDPTRC), Research Center for Computer and Communications (RCCC), IC Design Research Center and Product Development Technical Center. All centers have strong links with the industry. For example, most of fond of the centers is from the industry.

The college has a faculty of 45 professors, 70 associate professors, 18 assistant professors and 40 instructors. Currently, there are 5692 registered students, including 5241 undergraduate students, 436 master students and 15 PhD students



College of Engineering - National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
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