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Model Building


All the indicators will be read from the first row in the data file and listed in the manifest variable list box, shown in the left part of the window.


New Construct

 Constructs must be created before assigning manifest variables. Three operations are related to managing latent variables.

o       New Construct: By clicking the Tool/New Construct or  button, then click on the canvas in the proper position, you can create a new construct.

o       Delete Construct: Highlight a latent variable and click Delete to remove it. The associated manifest variables will be released.

o       Rename: To rename a latent variable, double-click it in the construct. A dialog window will pop up to accept a new name. You need to follow the naming rules described above to add a valid variable name.

Assign indicators to construct

You can assign manifest variables after adding new constructs. Just double-click on the construct, the associated Indicators and Constructs window will show up. To assign indicators to this construct, just select the un-used indicators (shown in the left list box) and click the Assign button. Multiple selections are supported. The associated manifest variables will move to the right part. If you want to release indicator (s) associated with a construct, and select the indicator (s) you will release in the right list box, then click Remove button. Click OK button, the manifest variable list box will display the relationship between indicators and constructs.

Note: You can specify the direction of the manifest variable, either Reflective or Formative.


Constructing the path model

The path model can be created by drawing arrow-lines between variables.  To add paths between constructs, press the button, then click the the independent variables and drag to the dependent variables.  To remove a path, just click on the path and press the [DEL] key , or right-click the mouse button, select Delete Path to remove the path..

Specifying model parameters.

Default parameters are pre-set and estimate the model with general constraints and produce commonly used results. You can make changes to these parameters by selecting items from the parameter lists, or by filling in parameter boxes. It is recommended not to change them unless you are familiar with the meaning of the parameters. If you have made any changes and want to restore the settings, click Reset. The parameters for a correlation matrix model and a raw data model are different. The following is a list of both sets of parameters. Please read the help file in Lvpls package (pls.hlp) for details.

Calculation of Stone-Geisser Q2:

        to estimate the Q2 coefficients, the type of blindfolding static and Blindfolding omission distance in no. of cases must be selected.

Save Model

You can save the current model by clicking Save Model.

Save As

You can save the current model under another name by clicking Save As.