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About LVPLS 1.8


Partial Least Square was invented by Herman Wold in the 1970s and then modified by his son Svante and Herald Martens in the early 1980s for use in regression. Latent Variables Path Analysis with Partial Least Squares Version 1.8 (Lvpls 1.8) was available at http://kiptron.psyc.virginia.edu/disclaimer.html), which was developed by  Jan-Bernd Lohmeöller.

This copy of PLS 1.8 PC (1987 Jul 28) is licensed to

Jan-Bernd Lohmoeller                           

Buesingstr. 2                                  

D-1000 Berlin 41                               

 Distributed for free by Dr. Jack McArdle at University of Virginia.


You may get lvpls from http://kiptron.psyc.virginia.edu/disclaimer.html