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Creating and Editing PLS Model


A data file must be prepared before the creating of PLS model. The requirement for a legitimate data file was discussed in the previous section. Then the following steps are detailed in squence:

1.Click File|New Model or click button to create a new PLS Project. The default file type is vpl. PLS code will be written into this file. You need to finish these steps to create a valid PLS code file:

Step 1: Specifying PLS Project File Name.

Step 2: Locating data file.

o       The data type is raw data. The default extension name is txt or dat.

o       Once the PLS project is created, the data file cannot be changed.


Step 3: Building the measurement model.

 All the indicators will be read from the first row in the data file and listed in the manifest variable list box. The indicators will  be removed when they are assigned to a latent variable.

Step 4: Constructing the structural model.

The path model can be created by dragging lines between constructs.

Step 5: Specifying model parameters.

Open PLS Project

click the button to open PLS Project.

Select Cases

Select Cases provides methods for selecting a subgroup of cases based on criteria that include variables and expressions.